James Dallaway's diary. 1851-1852

James Dallaway, born in Bexhill, in 1833, died in 1868 aged 33. Son of Thomas a watchmaker and hatter of Bexhill, Sussex.

Here he records his life over a two year period, 1851-52. Once his apprenticeship was served James set up shop as a Tailor in Brighton.

A few points of interest from the diary.

Mr & Mrs Demus Dallaway visit on the 18th October 1851, nine years since their last visit.

He visits Uncle David at Downgates.

The Hastings to London railway opens in January 1852.

The original was typed up by Alan Dallaway 1919 - 1988

Part of the diary is written in Odell shorthand, an original version of which is available here. Odell's Shorthand

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