It is believed that the Dallaway Family came from alongside the river Loire in the North of France, from around the Norman town of Alluyes... ref: Oxford Dictionary of surnames. Patricia Hanks & Flavia Hodges

The Dallaways ( D'Alluyes ), came to England in the year after the Norman conquest of 1066, bringing with them their weaving skills, and their knowledge of windpower.

Alluyes was a soft water area, where wool from the local sheep was woven into cloth. The new D'Alluyes looked for similar areas in England, and split into three distinct geographic groups. One headed for the soft water and sheep of the Minchinhampton area, close to Bristol, where they became famous for their mills, and were awarded a coat of arms; others headed for the promise of London, and the third group stayed around Battle, just inland from Hastings, a short journey from their likely landing point.

The Dallaways have now spread around the world, to the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad and elsewhere.

Over the years I have collected the complete births & marriage records from the Central Record office in the U.K., and added to this the data collected by the Mormons from their enthusiastic notation of all church records. To this has been added information from individual Dallaways and others around the world.

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